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An unexpectedly craic-ing St Patrick’s Day night

It's #ThrowbackThursday and today I'm reflecting on St Patrick's Day, nearly two weeks ago. It started unpromisingly but turned out to be our best night out in ages. It was a Friday and after a 13-hour stint with my two... Continue Reading →

We’re more about the books than the costumes this #WorldBookDay

World Book Day has been lurking in the back of my mind for a wee while, thanks mostly to nursery newsletters. But every year I forget that February is a short month, so events in early March (including husband's birthday,... Continue Reading →

Selfish or self care? A breath of fresh air and a new year’s resolution 

Today my husband and I took a break from the nonstop whirl of Christmas holiday kiddie entertaining and offloaded the kids onto their grandparents (no small thing). We swapped the stuffiness of the front room and the well-trodden paths of... Continue Reading →

Back to work blues: why the end of mat leave is a melancholy milestone

My baby is napping, giving me one last chance to write this post which I've been thinking about for so long. Of course, it won't be the last nap he ever takes, but it is the last he'll take while... Continue Reading →

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