Ah, Christmas. As well as the hamster wheel of regular domestic chores, this time of the year lengthens parental to do lists by about a mile. Up there on that list – with the presents, the darn cards, bloody elf on the shelf, and poring over the perfect turkey recipe – is Christmas crafting. 

Us mums are expected to be dab hands at craft – but with two little boys in tow craft (like baking) is now synonymous with ‘make as much mess as possible in a short time and quickly get bored’, leaving mum with a big clean up job on her hands. However, last week in town I spotted some plastic, come-apart DIY baubles and a Christmas craft session suddenly looked a) fun, and b) simples. I grabbed a few baubles and sold the idea to my eldest son. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to what we did. 

1. Hit the pound shop to stock up on bows, pom poms and stickers – classy this ain’t.

2. Fill and/or decorate plastic baubles with as many of the above as possible. Lose the argument about what colours go together and whether gem stickers are really necessary. 

3. Arrange plastic baubles artistically around the tree – ie mostly around the back.

That’s it! The 3-year-old loved it and I feel confident about moving to the next level (potato printing I thin). We also made paper chains out of some lovely, pre-cut vintages vintage-style strips from Bert’s.

Merry Christmas y’all!