Are you feeling just a teeny bit Christmassy yet? I am, I love all that hygge business, the shop window dressings and the carols (plus, this year I’ve been stoked about my first beauty advent calendar!). But for the hundreds of homeless and thousands of children living in poverty here in Brighton this time of year is no big cosy dream. So I ltook one recent pointless purchase back to the shop and spent the money (about £30) on stuff for the local toy collection and food/toiletries bank. My loot includes:

from Tiger – pink bear umbrella, felt tips and colouring pad, glittery bouncy ball with dinosaur, circus wall stickers, rabbit nightlight and plastic gem crown.

from M&S – solid chocolate merry men, big red present stocking, decorate-your-own Santa hat biscuits, twinkle twinkle little star musical book and a four-pack of baby socks. 

from Boots – Aveeno shower wash, foaming soap, a Child’s Farm gift set, tampons and travel sized body wash, moisturiser and shaving foam. 

Hey, I know none of this is a magic wand – but if just a couple of kids have something to smile about for one day it’s totally worth it.